New Janitorial Duty Roster

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Today’s janitor looks a lot different from the one you may have encountered during your high school days. He might also be a lot younger than you are right now. Of course, that would have to depend on just how old you are. Millennials of today may already be quite familiar with today’s 21st century janitor. Not just in college but in the workplace too. City-wise, the janitorial company sacramento ca list of tasks looks a lot different from the one the school principal presented to the newly appointed custodian back in the day.

In those days, the duty roster was fairly simple. The dutiful custodian would be responsible for opening the school doors in the morning and then locking them at night, also checking to make sure that the school’s premises were safe. And he would do his best to make sure that the school’s lawns were nicely mowed and the hedges neatly trimmed. Two of his most important duties would be to mop, sweep and polish the school corridors.

And to make sure that the students’ bathrooms were clean. Today’s public use bathrooms should be a whole lot cleaner. They are also veering towards being carbon neutral as well as being environmentally friendly. The professional janitor of today is becoming something of an eco-warrior. Young Greta would be so proud. The professional janitor of today is also doing a lot more than just mopping, sweeping and polishing.

He will also be doing waxing and if needs be, he can replace old flooring that has seen better days. He is able to see to the premises being nicely painted every few years, ensuring that walls and all or weather-proofed and protected from internal moisture and damp. Whew! This roster list is endless.