Should You Carry a Credit Card?

Although carrying a credit card is frowned upon by some, many people understand the importance of this line of credit. We live in an uncertain world and that can bring many situations that we do not expect. With a credit card you have a bit of stability in finances that non-cardholders do not.

When a credit card is used responsibly, you can ensure that it does not rack up a ton of fees. To do this, make sure to carry only one card. The more cards, the more fees you rack up each year, even if you do not use the card. Do not keep the card in your wallet because this tempts you to use it. Instead, keep it tucked safely inside a drawer at home for emergency situations only.

Do not treat a credit card like it is extra money; it is not. A credit card should be treated as an emergency tool that is used when it is needed, not for those splurges that you really cannot afford. This information is among the most important to remember before you visit a bank like Columbia Bank Linden to apply for a credit card.

Be sure to talk to a financial expert before choosing a card and do lots of research. The better your credit, the better your approval odds for a low interest credit card. Make sure to choose the right credit card for your specific needs and situation. Do not carry a card for the sake of carrying!

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Hopefully you will never use the credit card nor never encounter a situation where you need the money. However, it is nice to know that you have the card on hand, especially when we live in such uncertain times during the pandemic.